I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
Psalm 139:14

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Life Since Mason Left Us

It has been just over a month since Mason has joined Jesus. Wow! What a great time he must be having!
I have healed very well physically and now need to figure out how to lose a few pounds without exercising. Lol! As for the emotional healing, Nathan and I are both still working on that. I kiss Mason's picture every night before bed and every morning when I wake up. Nathan has even gotten into the habit of reminding me to do so before I get into bed if I don't remember on my own because he knows that I will turn on the light again when I do remember. Every night we also include Mason in our prayers so I think that God has also gotten into the routine of giving Mason a hug and telling him that we love him at our request. Many nights we fall asleep discussing how we think Mason spent his day.
We have purchased a headstone for Mason's grave and it is beautiful! It has a picture of a baby with wings and a picture of a teddy bear on it. I have also had a photo album printed with all of his pictures in it and some memories written in it. This is very precious to us and I am so proud to show him off!
Many people have thanked us for sharing Mason with them. I would like to thank all of you for allowing us to share him. He has become such a huge part of our lives even though his life was so short. Hardly anyone got to meet him, but I am so thankful that so many care.
We met with our genetics specialist from Health Sciences again to discuss anything that I can do to prepare for our next pregnancy and what precedures will happen during our next pregnancy. He told us that there really is nothing more that we can do to prepare other than what we did with Mason. To make me feel like I am doing something more, he suggested that I can take more Folic Acid. Once we are pregnant again we will have our first ultrasound when I am 12 weeks along and then again at 18 weeks and after that as necessary. All of these utlrasounds will be done at the Health Science Center because their machines are more advanced then those at Boundary Trails. We are very thankful for this. Something that the specialist mentioned is that he is still not sure if this was a genetic problem or just a fluke with Mason. The amnio showed that all the chromosomes are in order but there may be something recessive that he cannot find. This was a bit of a blow to us because we were told that it was not genetic. We are really praying that everything with Mason was just a fluke and have chosen to believe that this is the case.
I am taking my 17 weeks of maternity leave. This means that I will only be returning to work on January 26th. Nathan went back to work after 2 weeks. We have decided to go to Jamaica for a week at the beginning of January with another couple. We're going to get away from everything and enjoy some heat and sunshine!
Please continue to pray for healing for us and for healthy babies in the future.