I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
Psalm 139:14

Thursday, July 14, 2011

God Is In Control

I have been feeling great!
This last Monday I was exactly 13 weeks along and I was feeling like having a baking day. I had the bun dough rising and was beginning to make banana muffins. I felt the need to go to the bathroom and realised that I was bleeding heavily. I panicked and cried out to God about how I could again be losing a baby. I decided to go to emergency and called Nathan to meet me there. Once I got there I was sent to the trauma room to wait for a blood test and ultrasound. I had a wonderful doctor who told me that my eight week ultrasound might be a positive thing to hold onto. Miscarriages happen way before the bleeding usually starts. She also said that heavy, bright red bleeding is not a good sign and that if a D & C is needed that I may have to wait until the next day. I was so distraught! I couldn't believe that this was really happening. I felt that this was probably God telling us that children are not in our future.
About 2 hours later I was scheduled for an ultrasound. I was wheeled into the room and came face to face with the same tech that I always have. She looked at me with the saddest expression ever and told me that it was too early to see me. I agreed. I lay down on the bed and she placed the paddle on my belly. Immediately she whispered, "I see a heartbeat!" I started crying and saying God is good. She also got teary eyed and continued to check the baby. It was measuring at exactly 13 weeks which is perfect and was bouncing around. There is a sack of blood beside the uterus that just bleeding out now. Apparently this is common and nothing to worry about. I was so relieved and excited that I smiled all the way back to the trauma room and said with excitement to Nathan that it is still alive.

Yesterday I had my first ultrasound and Fetal Assessment in Winnipeg. I was really nervous for this appointment because I knew that the doctor would probably be able to see if there are any major defects. As it turns out, everything seems to be developing perfectly! The heartbeat is great and baby is moving like crazy! He/she even waved to us. Little show off! :)
The tech showed me that the belly is forming beautifully and that there is no bump in the umbilical cord, which means that there is no omphalocele.

She also measured the heart from the head and it is exactly where is should be. If there was a diaphragmatic hernia then the heart would be pushed to the side because of the stomach being in the chest. We just keep having good ultrasounds!!! I just pray that this continues. Our next ultrasound is in 7 weeks where they will do a thorough check of everything to make sure that development is perfect. I continue to pray for a protective hand on this baby and for peace that God is in control. Nathan and I have felt all of your prays and thank-you for continuing to think of us. Please keep them coming! We can hardly wait until January!!!!!