I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
Psalm 139:14

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all!!!
I have always been a huge fan of Christmas! It gets to the point where Nathan will become the grinch just to counteract my excitement. I love to drive around and look at the lights that people put on their houses, put up my decorations on November first, try new recipes to bring on platters to the neighbours, wrap presents that I began buying in July, etc. It gets me so excited that I hardly sleep the night before a family gathering! And I love it!
This year my excitement is even greater then it has ever been! Not because of all the wonderful gifts that I am given, but because I have such a precious gift that God is trusting me and Nathan with. Owen gets to celebrate his first Christmas! We had our first family gathering today and I felt pure joy watching him get excited about his gifts. I know that this is not the reason that we celebrate this holiday, but I understand now why parents spend so much money on their children. It is exciting! This year Nathan and I are also planning a little family celebration of our own which we have never done before. We will be spending time as a family, not just a couple! I am thrilled!
God has blessed us greatly this year and I don't have words great enough to thank Him. We would love to celebrate with Mason as well, but know that he is having a much greater celebration then us! We will begin tradtions this year with Owen that will hopefully continue throughout the coming years.
God bless you greatly this year and enjoy this next week of celebration!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Prayer Request

It has been a long time since I have posted. This is just because life is going great! Owen is wonderful and we are just living life.
This Sunday is Mother's Day and I have been asked by my church to share my journey into motherhood, along with two other women. I am very nervous about this because I will be sharing at two services, but excited at the same time because I will get to share Mason, my unnamed child, and Owen again with many friends, acquaintances, and strangers. I ask for your prayers on this day since it will be an emotional time for me. I want my children to be proud to call me their mother!
Thanks and many blessing to you!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

He Has Arrived!!!

I should have made this post much sooner, but I have been really busy. Nathan and I are so incredibly excited to announce the birth of our son, Owen Bentley Rachul!!! He was born on January 19th at 3:09 am! He is perfect in every way and is the absolute cutest boy in the whole world! (I may be a little biased.) We are so in love with this little bundle and can't help but exclaim how cute he is every day!
Owen Weighed 6 pounds and 9 ounces and was 20 inches long. I began having contractions at three-thirty am on January 18th and so we went into the hospital at six. I was sent back home at nine since nothing seemed to be progressing. In fact I was told by the doctor that it could be another week until baby arrived. I was determined that this child was coming sooner so I went for lunch with my mother, sister, and niece and then I went and walked every aisle of Walmart. This is where my contractions got stronger and every time I got one, it seemed that I would meet up with a friend. Just so everyone understands, no one was aware that I was in labour so it was difficult to hide this during my discussions in the store. When I got home I called the hospital to see if I should come back. I was encouraged to and so Nathan and I made the trip back to the hospital at five in the afternoon. When I got there the nurse checked my progress and found that things were slowly happening so I was given the choice to stay or leave. I chose to stay since I wasn't willing to come back a third time that day. At ten in the evening I got my epidural (best thing ever!) and at midnight I had dilated to eight centimeters. At one I began pushing and at nine minutes after three Owen entered this world screaming at the top of his lungs. This was the best sound that I have ever heard! Nathan immediately exclaimed that he was a boy and that he needed a dirtbike! I told him the dirtbike could wait and cried in relief at Owen's beauty.
As soon as everything was cleaned up we called our parents. Nathan began his conversation at four in the morning by asking our parents how they were and if they would like to go out for coffee. Then he shared our exciting news and a few hours later we were visiting with family and friends.
In the last week we have seen so many changes in Owen. He has grown so much already and is developing his personality. We are beginning to develop a routine and are falling more in love with him every day. He looked just like Mason when he was born. He has many of Nathan's facial features and my fingers and legs. He loves to eat and always wants to help us hold his bottle. We are so very blessed and are enjoying every moment with him. God has given us a gift that we are very honoured to take care of!