I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
Psalm 139:14

Friday, July 3, 2009

Telling The World We Are Pregnant!

On February 28th I took a home pregnancy test and found out that I am pregnant. I ran to the living to show my husband Nathan and we both grinned at each other and he felt my stomach. I was so excited that I went online right away and started making a list of all the names that I like. Nathan left to help a friend bring some stuff to the dump and while he was gone his brother and his brother's girlfriend showed up at our door with news that they are engaged! I called Nathan right away to come home and he was also told the news. We really wanted to tell everyone all of this good news but decided to keep ours a secret and to let Amy and Devin have their day. It was an extremely exciting day for us!!! The next day I showed my list of names to Nathan and he basically turned them all down so I had to start all over. While I continued to look Nathan suggested a few and we decided that two of his suggestions are the names that we will choose from, depending on the gender of the baby!

On April 24th I had both Nathan's family and my family over for supper saying that it was for my birthday which was on the 14th. After supper I brought out two gifts, one for my mom and one for my mother-in-law. I told them that this was an early Mother's Day gift. They both opened their gifts and saw the box with a picture of a digital wallet sized photo frame. My mom instantly said that she wanted one of these for her grandbabies. (She doesn't have any yet!) I thought she would catch on, but instead they both just looked at the boxes so I told them to open them and take a look. They both turned on the frames and the first picture that showed up was one with Nathan and I. They both smiled at this picture and then saw the second picture, which was of my pregnancy test. I believe they both screamed and jumped up to give us a hug. My dad caught on then, but Nathan's did was still oblivious to what was going on. Nathan's mom told him that he was going to be a grandpa and he said that he already was. (Nathan's sister has two kids.) So Nathan's mom said that he would be again and then he caught on. It was a very exciting and loud evening!

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